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Foot and Ankle Specialists with office in: Northville, South Lyon and Farmington Hills

Northville Podiatry

422 N. Center Street
Suite B
Northville, MI 48167


Our Commitment

We have been providing foot & ankle care to the Northville community and surrounding areas for almost two decades. At your appointment you can be assured that we will be provide you with a thorough assessment and quality care. We work closely with our patients to address their foot and ankle concerns. Our guarantee to you is that after you leave your appointment you will not feel unsure about your treatment plan. Making feet happy through quality foot-care is what we do best!


Common Foot Conditions Treated by Our Office

  1. Arthritis
  2. Athletes Foot
  3. Bunions
  4. Contact Dermatitis
  5. Corns & Calluses
  1. Diabetic Foot Care
  2. Diabetic Shoes
  3. Foot Infection
  4. Fractures
  5. Fungus Nails
  1. Gout
  2. Hammertoes
  3. Heel Pain
  4. Ingrown Toenails
  5. Joint Replacement
  1. Neuroma
  2. Neuropathy
  3. Orthotics
  4. Planatar Fasciitis
  5. Skin Problems
  1. Sports Medicine
  2. Sprains
  3. Ulcers
  4. Warts
  5. Wound Care

Featured Videos